Anthony “Tony” Petrello is a business man that has come to be respected by his peers over a long stint where he rose to success as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries LLC. Nabors is known worldwide as the top company to provide drilling equipment, offshore drilling equipment, drilling technology and a highly trained labor force that specializes in oil and gas drilling. The company works in every major oil market in the country. Tony Petrello has been with Nabors Industry since 1991 after he chose to leave his position managing a major law firm in New York City. From that time on he has served as a major leader in the company, bringing them to the forefront of the oil and gas drilling industry.

All of his hard work has paid off. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman his compensation during the 2016 fiscal year totaled over 15 million dollars. That compensation breakdown was around 1 and a half million in salary, over 1 million in bonuses and 10 million in his various stock held from the company. That number is very high, and it is a testament to how hard work pays off for those who dedicate themselves to success. For example, Tony Petrello not only holds three immense titles (CEO, President and Chairman of the Board) at Nabors Industries, he also adds in another layer of his valued knowledge by serving in a strategic role. Tony Petrello serves as a consultant that helps to guide various departments and guide overall direction of Nabors to make sure the company is always at the top of its game.

His college roommate spoke about him in an article that referred to him as a pauper to prince story. He noted in the article that in college, Tony Petrello was quiet, humble and wholly dedicated to Tony Petrello studies.

He is still known today as that same man, one who worked very hard to achieve the success he has today, but who is also dedicated to his community, family and to helping other businesses achieve the success that Nabors industries has seen to learn more: click here.

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