Norman Pattiz Has commissioned a new study on advertising in radio, and he is helping the radio industry be more effective in selling advertising. This article explains how the study helps all radio stations, and there is a look at what Norman does as the CEO of Westwood One. He is one of the finest executives in the industry, and he is ensuring that the things he does makes the radio world better.

#1: The Study’s Reach

The study has been set up to look at every sort of ad that is included on a radio station. Norman wanted to know what would happen when a brand wanted to be recognized, and he knew that he could have a look at how effective each sort of ad is. The ads that are effective are often made by grocery stores, and they are seeing more recognition than ever before.

#2: The Brand Recognition Test

People who were participating in the study were asked to recall the names of certain brands, and they were able to do so quite quickly. This is a sign that the ads are effective, and it shows that the ads are a passive way to help people learn which companies are operating in the area. This is an important part of selling ad space, and someone who is trying to garner more recognition must use more radio ads.

#3: Who Is Norman?

Norman is the CEO of Westwood One, and he has grown the company from humble beginnings to reach across the country. He is very familiar with the radio industry, and he has been a captain of the industry for some time. He has created a much better firm that gives a large range of programming from the basic talk radio show to a sports radio show.

This is one of the more effective radio companies in the world, and he has built it into something that anyone would be proud of. This is a brilliant way for someone to run their own radio station.

Someone who wants to learn about radio advertising will find that they may follow the study to learn more about the industry. It is quite easy to sell more effective ads when using the information from the study that Norman paid for, and he is proving that he has a much better grasp of what is going on in the world of radioi than anyone else.

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