Since its launching in 2001, Instant Alliance has turned into a nationally identified women-possessed business enterprise, which has been increasing its yearly revenue consistently. Being a leader in the Chicago community, the founder Rona Borre has also been participating in the leadership of other organizations. Some time back, she was acknowledged as the “enterprising women of the year” by Enterprising Women Magazine, notwithstanding different awards granted to her agency.   Have an in-depth look at Instant Alliance and Borre, visit

While speaking in a recent interview, Borre said that the special secret of every company is to have a good working ethics and to deliver amazing products to clients. Borre applies simple, user-friendly methods to create relationships with her customers as that enables them to develop confidence in her products. She revealed that discovering someone’s talent is simple but getting a person to fit in the corporate culture is not easy. Thus, there is need to spend time in establishing a relationship to learn such things. For the full interview, check on

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One of the things Borre learned early was about the hiring of staff in her company, which was not always easy. At times, she hired experienced individuals from big firms, and some failed terribly since they were not independent. On her personal life, Borre realized that she had to discover her talent, and it is something she did with great success. About making her business dynamic, it was easier to come up with decisions if you have the solutions to upcoming challenges.

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