Rona Borre is the founder of Instant Alliance, a company in Chicago that staffs IT and finance positions. After she graduated from college, she immediately entered the recruiting industry. She was very successful as a recruiter, building up a book of business worth over $30 million and a solid client base. However, the company she worked for was bought by an international company that swiftly changed the culture of the company and how it operated. She decided to leave the company, however, upon her exit she had to sign a non-compete clause which meant she couldn’t contact any of her clients which left her in a tough spot.

Losing her job in 2001 turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Rona Borre. This was a time in the economy when a lot of people were getting laid off from their jobs. Some of Rona Borre’s previous clients had found new positions but had friends who needed to locate work. They remembered Rona Borre and the great work she had done for them so they contacted her in order to help her and their unemployed friends out. Thus, she founded Instant Alliance and has had great success running her own company. She started out as a sole proprietor, working out of her condo. Today, she has about 50 employees and has placed thousands of people with companies that are a great fit for them.  A must-read article of an interview with Borre here.

As an esteemed member of the Chicago business community, Rona Borre has taken on a number of leadership roles. She is involved in managing a few business groups including The Chicago Network and the Economic Club of Chicago. As a prominent and successful recruiter, her opinion has also been sought out by national media and she has appeared as an expert on networks like CNN, CNBC, and CBS 2 Chicago.  Check this on

One of the lessons that Rona Borre has learned is that she needs to grow talent within her own agency rather than bringing in star salespeople from outside her organization. She has found that having young employees eager to learn how to recruit and the willingness to work hard is a key to the success of her company.   Click on for additional articles.

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