With over 60 million dollars in funding as of year 2012, NuoDB is making quite a bit of noise in the tech arena. This is no surprise after NuoDB was named an innovation all star by Mass High Tech and the Boston Business Journal in 2014. The company has been around since 2008 and was originally named NimbusDB but later changed the name in 2011 to NuoDB. The company has rights to a patented technology that it utilizes in helping cloud database systems in the cloud run more efficiently. It was created by Jim Starkey and goes by the name “Elasticity Scalable Database”. Jim Starkey is also the Ceo of the company.

The technology of NuoDB is SQL database compliant and sometimes more well known as NewSQL. It allows information from newly added servers to process more efficiently to nodes without and sharding. This means that there is less error and it is a faster transfer.

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