Tony Petrello is a man of the people as he is actively involved with many community programs when not involved in his businesses. For those who don’t know who Tony Petrello is, he is the chief executive officer of a company called Nabor Industries. Unlike other executives who joined the firm few years ago, Tony has been with the Nabor Industries for over 26 years having joined them in the year 1991. Nabor Industries was not his first venture as he had previously worked with other companies such as Baker & McKenzie. It’s during his time with Baker & McKenzie that he learned general corporate law, taxation as well as international arbitration. These are skills that have transformed him into the man he is today. He quit this firm in the year 1991 to join Nabor Industries.


Other than been an executive, Tony Petrello is also a scholar. He holds two degrees that he acquired in the early 80s. He has a degree in law and mathematics having attended Harvard Law School and Yale University respectively. Outside Nabor Industries, Toy serves on the board of other institutions like Stewart &Stevenson LLC. He is also a board member at another institution called Hilcorp Energy Company. Above this, he serves on the Texas Children’s Hospital board of trustees.


According to Nabor Industries report, Tony Petrello is responsible for developing strategies that will be used to market the company. He is also responsible for helping the company develop techniques to adapt the competitive environment. Above all, Tony Petrello is a family man.

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