Eva Moskowitz is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania as well as John Hopkins University which is where she earned her Ph.D. in American History. She has been involved in education throughout her professional career. She began her career in 1989 when she worked at the University of Virginia as a Visting Professor of Communications and Mass Culture.

After leaving the University of Virgina, Eva Moskowitz was an Assistant Professor of History at Vanderbilt University and then the City University of New York. For three years she held the Chair of the Faculty Seminar in American Studies at Columbia University. From 1998 to 1999, Eva was the Director of Public Affairs and Civics Teacher at the educational company Prep for Prep. She also joined the New York City Council in 1999 where she was the Education Committee Chair for six years.

It was in 2006 that Eva Moskowitz established her own educational company, Success Academy Charter Schools. She serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is an advocate for school choice and charter school’s role in that. Other organizations she has worked with include the Harlem Education Fair, StudentsFirstNY, and the New York City Charter School Center. She also heads a PAC called Great Public Schools that advocates for charter schools in the New York City region.

At Success Academy Charter Schools, Eva Moskowitz operates a number of charter schools around New York City. She says that public schools provide a poor education to students and the only answer is privately held charter schools. She has said that her charter schools challenge students and provide the highest degree of math and English classes. She also focuses student’s attention on other areas such as science, art, and sports. Before a teacher can join one of her charter schools, Eva Moskowitz has them undergo a thorough training program. The teachers at her charter school work very closely with one another and are held to a high standard. The result is that more students than ever attend one of her charter schools and do earn a much better education than what other students receive at public schools in the city.

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