Lime Crime is Changing up the Lipstick Game

Urban Out Fitter has it that Lime Crime is an online-based cosmetics retailer from Los Angeles, California, that specializes in high-quality, vegan lip colors. Their products are available for sale on their website, as well as on, and in-stores at several Urban Outfitters locations across the U.S. The most popular of their cosmetics are […]

How Don Ressler Has Build His Online Presence As A Successful Entrepreneur

Don Ressler describes few entrepreneurs whose passion for entrepreneurship led to transformations that changed the way people do things. He is the brain behind several online-based companies that have grown their presence to cover unique areas and to offer high quality products. His success story has also acted as motivation among upcoming entrepreneurs who are […]

It wasn’t always a clean sweep for Handy Inc.

You may have heard of one of the nation’s well-known cleaning services, Handy. Handy connects everyday people with household services, but makes sure they’re matched with trusted professionals. Handy also makes things easy for the customer. Professionals are pre-screened, and can be booked within 60 seconds. But Handy wasn’t always the success story we know […]

Thor Halvorssen Comes From A Long Line Of Troublemakers… The Good Kind

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. The man is famous for targeting unilateral dictators around the world with his activism. The 39-year-old is quickly emerging as the world’s leading advocate for human rights. He knows how to make human rights attractive to a large audience through the use […]

Smart Lighting And The Revolutionary Start Up Company Gooee

Smart lighting is a rather neat concept for a variety of reasons. It’s designed to help families, individuals, and businesses out. It’s multi-purposeful. Smart lighting makes day to day operations run a whole lot smoothly when it comes to keeping a business or a home lit. It stops people from having to get up and […]