Doe Deere On Breaking Fashion Rules

Doe Deere is fast becoming a fashion icon. She is the owner and president of Lime Crime, her make-up line, which is a new product line challenging an already entrenched and established industry. As an icon, Deere is a trailblazer, she seeks to offend, condemn and offer make-up solution to her fantasy world advocates. There […]

The U.S. Money Reserve Keeping Up With The Trends

The U.S. Money Reserve has updated their online presence according to PR Newswire in recent months including several new features, an improved e-commerce platform as well as a brand new catalogue of products on offer. This is in an effort to remain current and to provide their customers with attractive solutions when it comes to […]

Plastic Surgery Basics

There are a lot of things that you may want to know as a patient or before. If you are looking into plastic surgery to repair damage from an accident or because you are not happy with something, then you should know the basics before getting started. Experience A Dr should have some kind of […]

Soros Disposes of the Energy Shares While Many Energy Companies are Experiencing a Slew of Earnings

  Oil prices have been low for a long period to the benefit of consumers who are showing resilience. Many energy sectors companies have been experiencing a slowdown in their earnings especially Chesapeake. Energy sector contributes to the 25% of economics in the United States, and the state of energy prices and stock is affecting […]