Effects of the Tech Boom to New York City’s Real Estate

Any financial development usually brings about a ripple effect. This ripple effect can greatly affect other related or unrelated spheres of life. Technology is no different. Its development is bound to affect other sectors as well. In New York City, the tech boom is at an all-time high. From tech startups to existing companies expanding, […]

Why One Should Use Beneful

Beneful is a branch of the large multinational corporation, Purina. Beneful is a company that is dedicated to making sure that every owner has the right tools that they need in order to make their dog the happiest and most loved dog. Beneful fuels each and every customer with the wet and dry dog food […]

Yeon-mi Park Fights The North Korean Propaganda Machine

In early 2104, the UN released a 400 page report detailing an alarming number of crimes against humanity committed by the North Korean government, under the leadership of Kim Jong-Il. The report was compiled based on the testimonies of more than 300 refugees and escapees from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, many of whom […]

Highland Capital Management Turns Challenging Situations Into Money Makers

When Highland Capital Management launched the first Collateralized Loan Obligation in 1996, founders Jim Dondero, and Marc Okada knew the company was going to make a huge impact on the investment world. Dondero is known for credit recovery and buying undervalued assets during the 2008 S&L crisis. Dondero spent 17 years with American Express and […]