One of the professors at Roswell Park Centre is Mikhail Blagosklonny who is a professor of Oncology who majorly studies cancer and Aging process. According to him, he believes that it can be possible to stop the aging process or reduce its rate. He also trusts that with the help of the experience he has gained and his solid educational background he will make his dream real. He studied at the First Pavlov State Medical University located in St. Petersburg, Russia. While at the University, he was able to earn his MD in Internal Medicine, but this wasn’t enough if he wanted to make his dream true. He went back to the same University and received a Ph.D. in Cardiology and Experimental Medicine.

His career path began in 2002 where he joined New York Medical College, Valhalla as an associate professor of medicine. He knew the importance of having a broad range of experience and this is why he decided to join Ordway Research Institute as a senior scientist. Through changing the working environment from one Institute to another, he had the opportunity of meeting different people and learning new things regarding the medicine industry. He later left Ordway Institute to join Roswell Park where he is now the Professor of Oncology. All the skills and experience he gained from working in these institutions is what shaped him to become an excellent professor. His research interest lies in the fields of anti-aging drugs, cancer therapies, and biogerontology.

He has had the privilege of working as an editor in chief of Cell cycle and Oncotarget and being in the Differentiation and cell death editorial board. When it comes to a matter of cancer and aging, Mikhail Blagosklonny came up with a hypothesis concerning TOR signaling. He proposes the usage of Rapamycin as it is a drug commonly used in cancer treatments. Mr. Blagosklonny believes that the usage of this drug and TOR signaling can be a possible treatment in reducing the aging process and all the age-related diseases. He has continuously advocated on the usage of this drug through his extensive research. He is truly determined to find a cure for cancer and a treatment that can reduce or stop the aging process.


The world of banking was left confused and wondering when in the year 2014, even when the Brazil’ economy was in deep turmoil and going through turbulent times, the two largest banks in the country, Unibanco and Banco Bradesco, saw its share price increase by over a third in value on It is seen that when the country’s economy tumbles down, so does the net worth of the bank. However, in Brazil, things didn’t happen that way, and it made global economists look carefully at how it was made possible.

Igor Cornelsen, one of the Brazil’s foremost investment expert and banker, say that the secret to this is the knowledge of these banks about the Brazil’s market and economy. The banks didn’t give credit to the small net worth entities and only preferred high net worth individuals and institutions, ensuring that the risk is minimized. It rushed the people without desirable credit to indulge in cash-based spending on Crunchbase and pressurized to forego their business plans for the time. Igor Cornelsen believes that the Brazilian government could make some economic and commercial reforms that would help stabilize the country’s economy.

Igor Cornelsen believes that the investors looking to invest in the Brazilian stock market should consider few basics of the country’s economy before going ahead to ensure they avoid common mistakes and can fulfill their long-term investment goals. One of the first things Igor Cornelsen wants the investors to know and look into closely is that the Brazil’s economy is backed by the top ten banks in the country. It is these banks that fundamentally power all economic growth in the country. These investments tips by Igor Cornelesen were first featured in CNBC.

The appointment of Joaquim Levy as Finance Minister, who has experience working with IMF and has done Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, can be the turning point for the otherwise stagnant economy for the country. Igor also mentions that the investors need to look closely at the relationship with China, which is country’s largest trading partner, and also the biggest competitor regarding export at The devaluation of country’s currency can help Brazil in the future to get a competitive edge in the global export market.

Sam Boraie is the second born son of Omar Boraie. Omar is one of the first real estate developers in New Jersey. This was a city that was once characterized by crime and drug abuse. However, real estate developments by the Boraie Development Company is changing this narrative. This firm is a leading and fast growing real estate development firm with Omar Boraie as its founder. The company according to is now managed and ran by Sam Boraie, his brother, and younger sister.

Boraie Development LLC key projects

The Albany Street Plaza One is one of the major projects by Boraie Development LLC which has brought a resurgence in the real estate market in New Brunswick. Another key project is the residential construction on One Spring Street. This real estate company has also invested in Atlantic City and Newark. The company boasts over 30 years’ experience in providing real estate services in New Jersey and beyond. This makes it one of the most sought after companies. On his return to Newark, Shaq O’Neil sought Sam Boraie and his company to put up the One Riverview Building.

Sam Boraie and philanthropic contributions

Sam Boraie mirrors his father when it comes to philanthropic contributions. New Brunswick was once a town more famous for crime and drug abuse than anything. The situation was so bad that most people left. Most investors did not see hope for Brunswick. However, in a report by Rutgers Magazine, Omar Boraie, saw an opportunity when everyone else focused on the crisis at hand. He and his company single-handedly came up with projects to transform the town. They did this using business and charitable ventures. Sam Boraie has continued in this pursuit. His passion for transforming Brunswick into a better place is evident. Among the charitable ventures that he is involved in, the Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen is one dear to his heart.

According to his page, Sam Boraie is one of the advisory board members of Elijah’s Promise. This charitable entity serves food to the needy in New Brunswick. The board members alongside partnerships with the local church has managed to raise funds to keep the kitchen going. The Elijah’s Promise also empowers the community with tools for personal improvement. They offer baking arts and culinary programs in an effort to empower the lives of the people in New Brunswick. This kitchen has been providing quality food for the needy for over 25 years. Sam Boraie and his company have been instrumental in making this possible.

From a vision that begun with Omar, the Boraie Development Company has played a pivotal role in the redevelopment and revitalization of the New Jersey community. Together, they have boosted the economy and improved the lives of the people in New Brunswick. Their projects and philanthropic contributions are bound to impact generations.


Getting the right support to push for development is one of the nightmares startups have to deal with often. Every business needs guidance and professional input that allows it to beat the challenges that come along while serving customers. One of the biggest problems startups face is lack of this support and the entrepreneurs behind these ideas are left to deal with complex problems they could avoid if they had a mentor. Among reasons these entrepreneurs have to run the businesses anyway is because getting a mentor is not the easiest thing.


These are some of the problems Mike Baur spotted when the idea of launching the Swiss Startup Factory came up. He is working to see that all talented startups in Switzerland get the support they need to manage their businesses well. Mike Baur previously worked in the banking sector as an executive but in 2014 he made the bold move of resigning to venture into entrepreneurship, which turns out was a good idea. He has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and someone prepared to tackle the massive problems present in the world of business.


Product development

Developing a unique product is something that demands time and expertise and many startups are not prepared well to handle the challenge. Product development is one of the biggest problems that the Swiss Startup Factory helps young entrepreneurs to handle. Having a good idea is not enough if the design and execution of the idea is not handled well. The product that is churned from the idea should fit within the demands of the market for it to offer the benefits that can steer the business to success.


Entrepreneurs are taken through sessions that allow them to understand every bit about product development. The three months coaching program offered by the Swiss Startup Factory is designed to allow entrepreneurs to handle the many challenges that come along after starting a business. There are mentors from leading learning institutions as well as successful entrepreneurs, who have the right information to transform an idea into a successful business.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who joined the world of entrepreneurship in 2014 after resigning from his position as a banker. He in the same year founded the Swiss Startup Factory, which supports talented startups through a three months incubation program. He has been working on supporting the growth of small businesses and his ideas have helped hundreds to secure a favorable spot in the market.



People of all races, colors, and creed desire to have the clearest skin possible that is blemish-free. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of good products on the market today and if you’re a person of color, finding the right product for your needs can be a bit frustrating. For the very best in skin lightening products, Makari de Suisse is the weapon of choice. Makari, which means “beautiful” in Swahili, is at the apex of the industry. This is skin whitening cream at it’s finest as it fights thesigns of aging, reduces dark spots/circles, clears acne marks, and is clinically proven.

Makari’s success come from the use of fine ingredients. These ingredients come from an organic source as well. Citrus, Mulberry Root, Caviar, Carrot Extract, and Licorice naturally clears the skin, which give you a much smoother, brighter complexion. Makari outperforms the competition dramatically under any circumstances possible. Being manufactured in Switzerland gives it a stamp of approval for it’s safety and effectiveness since this country has some of the strictest regulations and guidelines. For the very best in skin lightening, Makari de Suisse is the number one option hands-down. Visit for more information.


Located 30 miles northeast of San Diego, California, Escondido is a city positioned in a shallow valley surrounded by rocky hills. The city has attracted people from distinct parts of the world due to its beautiful landscapes and five-star restaurants. The Bellamy’s is one of the largest restaurants that attract tourists across the globe. It serves fine meal prepared by competent and celebrated Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty.

Do not expect to see silicone hostess-mermaid on Escondido’s street. Bartenders may put on suspenders and mustaches. However, that is a tradition that has existed for decades. Farmers from different parts of San Diego County meet at the Escondido City to trade their fresh agricultural products. Easy access to fresh farm products may have attracted one of the best chefs in the country, Mr. Patrick Ponsaty, to this city.

About Patrick Ponsaty

Ponsaty has built a reputation for himself in the restaurant business. He earned the designation, The Master Chef of France, becoming the second person to earn such a high-status title in San Diego. His breakthrough as a chef came while working at the Rancho Bernardo Inn where he mentored award-winning chefs like Gavin Kaysen.

Brian Bonar expands his restaurant business to Escondido

Entrepreneur Brian Bonar ventured into the North County with a mission of establishing a restaurant mini-empire. He began with a restaurant called Tango, which was previously owned by Charlie Trotter Protégé. He renovated the bistro and renamed it Bellamy’s, which serves as the current home of Master Chef Ponsaty.

Bonar hired staff from one of his favorite eateries called Rancho Bernardo Inn. Through Bonar efforts, talented chefs such as Mike Reidy and operations management leaders like Trevor Da Costa joined the Bellamy’s Restaurant.

Brian Bonar‘s facts

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is an acclaimed and prosperous finance executive. He is the managing principal of Trucept Incorporated. He has unequalled business leadership knowledge, having led financial institutions such as the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

His success as a financial executive stems from his ability to formulate a business structure that withstands market shifts and challenging economic conditions. He is a proud alumnus of the renowned James Watt Technical College, who holds a technical engineering degree. Bonar also holds a postgraduate degree in the field of mechanical engineering.

The passion of Brian Bonar lies in supervising high performing teams in the designing, development, and provision of reliable financial solutions. He capitalizes on every opportunity he gets to impress the client and earn his trust.

Bonar joined IBM in the capacity of procurement manager and then proceeded to join QMS as director of engineering in charge of more than 100 employees. He also worked for Adaptec as a sales manager. After accumulating enough experience, Bonar chose to be independent and instituted his firm called Bezier Systems.

There are many people looking for work from home opportunities that have the ability to transform their lives and improve their economic situation. If you are one of these people, then you need to think about approaching the Traveling Vineyard. This is a business model that has gained a lot of popularity, and for a reason too because wine is a commodity that is always in high demand, and most especially at all social gatherings. Below are some reasons to join The Traveling Vineyard.

To start with, you determine your own working hours, which essentially mean you become your own boss. Unlike the office job where you have to attend between 9 and five in order to get the paycheck, with the Traveling Vineyard (@travelingvineyard), you determine your working hours, which mean that people with other responsibilities such as moms can participate and still take care of their little ones.


Then, there is the possibility of moving up the ladder into positions of leadership and earning more depending on how smart you market the products. The model is made in such a way that career growth is made easy. People that put in the needed effort benefit a lot from the model because they always end up at the top, earning the best of the benefits. There is a variety of products available for marketing. These include red wines, white wines, sweet and fizzy alternatives. In addition, you can sell accessories such as openers, chillers and decanters.

The cost of joining The Traveling Vineyard is $174. There are benefits that are associated with every level of success. For instance, when you reach $750 in sales within 60 days of starting, you get an electric wine opener. When you make $1400 of sales, you get a $50 reward. These and many other benefits are enough reason to try this work from home opportunity.

For more information, view The Traveling Vineyard’s YouTube channel.

There are many successful companies in the business world. While every company is different and what is needed to make a company successful is different based on the particular company, there are some things that all successful companies have in common. One of the things that most successful companies have in common is the ability to standout from the crowd.


There are so many companies in the business world today. This combined with the large number of business markets makes it hard for companies to find a way of reaching the public in a unique manner. There are different ways to standout from the crowd in the business world. One of the most popular ways is by bringing new ideas and innovations to the market.


This is the way that many companies have become successful. The companies bring something new to the market either in concept, look, or purpose that is not currently being offered. This is how trends are created. This is how new products are introduced. This is how society is changed.


Bringing something new to the public can be done by any company in any business market. However, two of the business markets that have introduced many new innovations and trends over the past few decades are the technology and fashion markets. These two markets are unique in many ways because the markets provide a platform for new ideas, concepts, trends and products.


The fashion market has been using technology to highlight fashion designs for several years. The use of technology with fashion designs has been done recently for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that many successful and popular technology devices that are small and can be worn easily have been introduced to the market. Many of these devices go well with fashion designs. The combination of the technology devices’ popularity along with the popularity of fashion has made an interesting fashion design statement.


Chris Burch is an executive who is well respected in both the fashion and technology markets. He has started and guided companies in both markets that are very successful. He understands the complexities of both the technology and fashion markets.


This special insight allows him to have an understanding of using technology with fashion designs that most people would not be able to appreciate. Chris Burch started his first company while he was still in college. He has been starting and running successful companies in a variety of business markets his entire career.

As the internet has become more accessible to individuals around the world in even the poorest region, a new industry has begun to grow at an exponential rate that has grown in accordance with the growth of the internet. As goods and services are not only more available and easily accessible through the use of the internet, one industry in particular has grown in order to protect the businesses and to protect one of the most important aspects of owning a business; the reputation. Though goods and services have become more readily available to individuals around the world, information and the access to information has also grown. This means that though individuals have more access to information, businesses also become more affected by any negative comment or even review that is brought to the attention of the consumer. With this in mind, the online reputation management industry has continued to expand to offer individuals in the public eye as well as businesses a second chance.

Of the many online reputation management companies that work hard to protect their clients, one company stands out. This company is known as Status Labs, an online reputation management company that combines both the interaction of humans with digital media to make sure that each of their clients receives a top quality service. Status Labs was co-founded by Darius Fisher who has a passion for digital marketing and has a passion to help individuals and businesses around the world improve. In recent news, Darius Fisher has been awarded for his excellence in the marketing industry and for the many improvements that he has made.

This award is known as the Business Development Individual of the year award, an award that is only given to the most innovative and creative individual in the marketing industry. Darius Fisher has worked hard for this award and hopes to use this award to benefit his company. Though Status Labs already helps over 1,500 clients all over the world in 35 different countries, Darius Fisher and his team are on the mission to help more businesses grow and expand in different industries.



Anthony Petrello serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is an oil and gas contractor. With contracted work across America and the Middle East, Nabors is one of the most highly influential professional drilling services. Nabors also provides support to companies that are in need of drilling assistance so as to be able to complete complex jobs with specialized equipment. Worth $3.5 billion with Anthony Petrello as CEO, Nabors continues to be a major influence on the oil and resource industry on His work has helped Nabors continue to find success in the United States and across the globe. With the oil industry always being highly contested, Petrello has helped to keep Nabors on top.

Anthony Petrello is a highly intelligent businessman having obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s in science from Yale University and a JD from Harvard Law School. His educational experience has aloud him to position himself as an amazing leader. His leadership skills at are exemplified by his position as Director on the Texas Children’s Hospital board as well as the Director and Member of Executive Committee for Steward & Stevenson, LLC.

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cindy are parents to a disabled daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy. His dedication to helping his daughter and those like her has spurred on Anthony Petrello’s fervent philanthropy. Petrello has personally donated over $7 million to research centers in Texas to help combat cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. Petrello also serves as a member of the board at the Texas Children’s Hospital helping to support and make important decisions.

Trend-Setting Businessman
Anthony Petrello is a shining example of how a COO can perform exceptionally as a leader of a company while also serving the disabled community as a trend-setting philanthropist on His role at Nabors Industries has allowed him to step into the spotlight as one of the most intelligent businessmen of the past several decades. Anthony Petrello continues to be highly influential in the United States and across the globe within the oil industry he resides over and the charitable works he contributes to.