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Devco Facing Difficulties In The Repayment Of $20 Million Loan September 27, 2016

DEVCO is a private non-profit urban real estate development firm. It was founded in mid-1970’s. The company has acted as the catalyst for the city’s revitalization. The New York Times described it as a “powerful engine for economic growth.”

An article posted on Press of Atlantic City reported that in the month of January 2016, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority failed to pay a principal amount of $1 million and interest summing up to $20 million on a loan that they received from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA). The Middlesex County Improvement Authority had been in debt for the past five years.
The loan was made in 2005 to finance the construction of The Heldrich, a New Brunswick hotel and conference center. The New Brunswick is also the company modeling the Atlantic City Development Corp. Attorney Christopher Paladino heads the two firms. He was the one who arranged the $20 million loan. He said that the loan would be repaid in a few years.
The Heldrich was opened in 2007. Since then, it has faced an economic and financial struggle. The hotel has found it difficult to attract customers. It had an occupancy rate of 63.5 percent in 2015. The financial struggles of the hotel forced it to tap around $776,000 of its money to fund capital expenses.
The Atlantic County Improvement Authority was planning on issuing bonds worth $120 million in May. The bond was to be used in the construction of Stockton University satellite campus. Repayments of the bonds will come from boarding fees and sale of tax credits.
CRDA Executive Director, Mr. John Palmieri, said that reimbursement of the loan had not gone as planned. He acknowledges the fact that they made a risky loan, and there were tangible economic impacts that were measurable.


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Securus technologies latest software with voice search feature helps investigators September 21, 2016

A lot has been said about Securus Technologies lately, whose headlines tug on their progress and their growth in the communication sector. I find their development noteworthy especially with the latest software that helps investigators. Securus released the first software that lets investigators select a particular voice then search for that voice in other telephone calls.


Securus has been known to provide Safety Solutions to help law enforcements with their investigations. I feel strongly that this latest development with the Investigator Pro 4.0 makes them true to their word of providing safety solutions. The new software will give investigators an ability to select voice samples from the inmate and search for other calls where that voice may have occurred.


According to other new sources and links such as PRNewswire, their recent accreditation makes them a trustworthy technology source able to deliver accurate services. We can trust that this new software will help uncover high-interest and gang activities just by simply using the called parties voice. Apart from simply identifying one’s voice, the software can identify other inmates that may have called the same person. This searchable feature brings a new level of sophistication that should help investigators get ahead of criminals and stop activities before it happens.


I find this software a great development and of great benefit to investigators. Investigators can now follow the individual’s voice and know what other inmates are talking to the particular party. The searchable voice has also been combined with other features like voice identification and group tagging. This has resulted in a powerful kit to help identify criminal networks simply through telephone systems.


Securus Technologies remains a trustworthy public safety, correction and law enforcement agency. It has been connected to millions of inmates and helps in providing emergency response, public information, and investigations. Securus has been rapidly growing, and there is a lot to expect from this company in the near future.


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Don Ressler’s Success with E-fashion Commerce September 17, 2016

Don Ressler is the cofounder of Intelligent Beauty as well as the co-CEO responsible for its subsidiaries. He is a renowned and savvy businessman having managed various startups such as and Intelligent Beauty that have turned to become very successful. was Ressler’s first business venture that was later purchased in 2001 by Intermix Media. Thereafter, he teamed up with Adam Goldenberg who was the Intermix COO then to establish Alena Media. The firm’s performance advertising division and e-commerce were the only center of attraction that generated huge profits and revenue for the company. Later on in 2005, Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp and this marked the start of a great partnership and idea exploration for Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

Exploring New Opportunities

Having the skills to excel and succeed in the growing online performance field, Ressler and Goldenberg resolved to create a brand building enterprise on Huffington Post. This venture was successfully designed so that all the operations were executed autonomously. With brainstorming ideas from few former Alena team members, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler,Brand Ideas was officially launched. Brand Ideas later on transformed to the present popularly known Intelligent Beauty. DERMSTONE was the first brand building creation for Brand Ideas. This online based marketplace specialized in the supply of cosmetics and skincare products. Two years later, SENSA, a weight-loss system was launched by the firm. Both DERMSTONE and SENSA released high financial results as well as profits.

Formation of JustFab

In 2010, a third company was launched by Intelligent Beauty and the man behind its formation was Don Ressler. This online subscription e-commerce fashion retailer was named JustFab. Matrix partners contributed $33 million to JustFab with an aim to fund the enterprise. JustFab seeks to provide its customers with personalized fashion every month thus ensuring clients access latest styles and trends. New members are given a 50% discount on their first purchase. The items sold on by this enterprise range from denim to shoes, handbags and jewelry among others. These items are fairly priced and no shipping cost is charged.

About Fabletics

This firm was founded in 2012 with an aim to provide athletic wear for women in the market. Fabletics has struggled through the years to provide trendy casual wear and workout gears thus creating a favorable niche for itself. Last year, Fabletics managed to raise over $150 million that clearly indicated remarkable efforts of the firm. Fabletics Company under the direction of Ressler is soon planning to join the male market and this is a great move of success.

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Keith Mann Is Helping Out As Many People As Possible September 12, 2016

All of the good work that Keith Mann has done for college students has been well documented. His work with Uncommon Schools is out of this world. He has raised over $22 K for them to go to college, graduate, and do things they never in their wildest dreams thought were possible. He has given out scholarships. That is what kind of philanthropist that Keith Mann is. When someone decides they want to give back, they have to go all in with it. They can’t do it half way or rush through it. They have to go all the way and be completely devoted to it. That is Keith Mann. He truly cares about this and gives it his all, each and every single time he gets a chance.

Keith Mann, of course, is known as the founder of the New York company Dynamic Search Partners, and he did something that gained some positive reviews. It is no secret that times are tough with police and the public, There is a lot of arguing and a lot of back and forth. However, Keith Mann decided to treat them all to lunch and give back. He knows all of the hard work they do to protect New York City and keep its citizens safe. He is very appreciative of them and has a special place in his heart for them.

Keith Mann knows all about it, as he has an Uncle that is a detective in the Staten Island. This gesture shows that he is standing behind them and all of the hard work they do. They have a very difficult job. They are putting their lives on the line each and every day and it is a very dangerous job. It allows people like Keith Mann and others to live out their lives and feel safe.

While times might be tough right now, Keith Mann is hoping that people will start to realize all the good that police do and all of the sacrifices they make. There are great cops out there and if he can make things a little easier or make their day brighter by treating them to lunch, he will do it.

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WEN Cleansing Conditioner; the Ultimate Hair Conditioner September 1, 2016

Wen hair cleansing conditioner is a special formulation for people looking to enhance their hair’s appearance. WEN cleansing conditioner is simply the best solution that brings out the natural beauty in all types of hairs.
As initially reported in an article in, regular use of the cleansing conditioner will enhance your hair’s health making it shiny and with long lasting waves.

WEN cleansing conditioner is specially manufactured for both hair conditioning purposes and treatment. WEN brands have different formulations that work on all types of hair such as short hair, medium hair, and long hair.

Directions for Use

The instructions for use are printed on the back label of the product’s package.

It is recommended that you use 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium hair, and 24-32 pumps for long hair. The amounts may seem large to an untrained eye but is a perfect amount that has been expertly mixed for the bet results. The amounts are also recommended by our hair experts who are highly experienced in improving the quality of hair.

Massage the conditioner using your palms evenly onto your scalp and let it soak for a few minutes. Rinse it using water.
After washing your hair, blow dry it.

Results after regular use
To get the best results, it is recommended that you use the WEN Cleansing Conditioner regularly. The results will be noted after a week’s use.

After using the WEN shampoo on a weekly basis, your hair will form curls easily and your locks will be super soft giving you long lasting waves. This will give your hair a shiny, bouncy, healthy look with minimal hair strands falling.

WEN cleansing conditioner best works when you use it in the morning. For those who like showering at night, they may find that their hair is slightly oily. Need Wen hair? Order yours online on Guthy Renker or the Sephora website. You can also get it here: Be updated! Like the official Wen hair Facebook page.


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Why Danilo Diaz Granados is a Reputable Event Planner August 25, 2016

Recently, Danilo Diaz Granados made headlines after hosting an exceptional event held by a hand-selected number of guest. The July action-packed event was characterized by a lavish lifestyle to complement Miami’s way of life. Danilo was suited for the event’s organization, as he is well conversant with the extravagant lifestyle of wealthy individuals. This is because he caters to their needs through his Toys for Boys Boutique on Miami.

Nothing was left to chance. From the start, guests were ushered to the One Thousand Museum where they enjoyed a mouthwatering breakfast. They were then escorted for an exclusive view of the eagerly anticipated residential blocks in the Biscayne area. Subsequently, the guests enjoyed a helicopter ride that took them to the Palm Beach Race Track where they got behind the wheel thanks to Gryphon Racing. The River Yacht Club was the host venue for their lunch.

After having lunch hosted by Dom Perignon, the guests were treated to an awesome boat ride into the sunset. This marked the end of the day, which involved both water, air and land.

Who is Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados is undeniably an accomplished entrepreneur who has managed to scale the heights of success. His degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics from Babson College combined with his innate entrepreneurial ability are some of the factors that have catapulted Danilo to the level success he currently enjoys. Before joining the Fireman Capital Partners, Danilo worked as an account advisor a Miami-based private equity firm. He was tasked with roles such as evaluating global investment to return issues, which related to merchandising, fine art, energy efficiency, and real estate.

Currently, Danilo is a co-founder of one of the most luxurious stores in Miami, the Toys for Boys Boutique Privee. The boutique caters to varying needs of affluent or wealthy individuals such as timepieces, contemporary art, and exotic automobiles. More so, Diaz boasts of interests in the film industry, which is evident through his Edge of Gory Film company. Apart from his business ventures, Danilo serves Movilway in a managerial position. Movilway is a company that deals with prepaid mobile payment services.

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Norka Luque: Transforming Dreams into Reality August 24, 2016

Like most other leisure pursuits and jobs, a career in music is for the selected few. It takes personal discipline, talent, and perseverance for a person to navigate the many challenges and distinct facets of the music sector successfully. Considering she started out humbly and worked her way to the top, Norka Luque is a role model to ambitious young musicians who are looking forward to making a living out of music. Her music motivates people to focus on turning their dream into a reality. This Venezuelan musician realized that she could sing at a tender age. Since then, Luque has stayed true to her goal of bringing an inspiring message through her music.

Unwavering support/academics/music

Luque was lucky to have parents who supported her interests in music unconditionally. They allowed her to attend musical training classes like piano, voice practice, flamenco, and piano. Concurring with her rigorous musical classes’ schedule, she was able to complete her high school education. She relocated to France for her higher education. Luque joined a band to stay connected to her ambitions of becoming a globally recognized musician. Through the band, she performed on numerous platforms and interacted with many like-minded people.

Rise to global fame

Entrepreneurial producer Emilio Estefan discovered Luque, and he immediately started working on her album. She considers her relationship with Emilio as an opportunity for discovering and learning new things on a daily basis. The producer masterminded the production of Luque’s song called MILAGRO, which introduced her to the global music scene. She was able to build up a strong fan base through this song. It became an instant hit in her home country (Venezuela), United States, and Puerto Rico. The song is a perfect blend of Caribbean beats, Mediterranean traces, and reggae beats, which are combined with an inspirational message.

Norka Luque beliefs

Luque believes that musicians have a divine call of helping people to live a positive life. The lyrics in inspiring songs connect with the deepest part of people’s emotions. Music has the power to facilitate societal evolution. She advises musicians to continue spreading positive messages even as new genres and rhythms evolve. According to her, the song MILAGRO was inspired by a personal crisis that she went through.

Despite residing in Florida, Luque brings a genuine Latin American sound to the international music scene. She crosses over to other genres but retains the originality of her message. She is a new force in the Latin Music world.

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Lovaganza to Host its 2020 Global Cultural Celebration

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Lovaganza 2020, an event that is slanted to be an international celebration, will take place simultaneously all over the globe from May to September 2020. These festivities, which will have eight different host centers, have the goal of celebrating all of Earth’s different cultures. The events will consist of films to immersive attractions, exhibitions, and live events. The celebration was originally to take place in 2015, but the time was moved back to 2020 to take advantage of new technologies and entertainment methods. The organizers on Instagram felt that the advantages of the later year would allow participants to better immerse themselves in the different cultures on display. The four month celebration will have locations in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and Oceania. A Traveling Show will set out in 2017 to promote the event and add awareness and participation for it. It will also allow participants to get a sample of the event with a free 3D immersive experience around the world. This will be coupled with the release of three major motion pictures, to be presented in Lovaganza 2020 traveling pavilions as well as in regular theaters.

Lovaganza is a worldwide project that is meant to bring all peoples of the world of all different cultures and backgrounds together in one unified celebration. It is inspired by the mid-20th century’s World Fairs and the Old Cinema feel from times passed. Lovaganza does its best to bring all of the best things of all the cultures in the world together and share their unique beauty, customs, and knowledge. Participants in the celebration will be presented with other cultures’ music, clothing, and literature. The collective celebrations of Lovaganza will end with the monumental Hands Across the World that are held on the closing day of the event. In the beautiful moment, people of all faiths will join hands together with love as a symbol and demonstration of unity in which anyone can participate. Lovaganza is giving this world something it could surely use more of: a sense of unity and community felt by all different kinds of people in a beautiful and enlightening event.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

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The Rise Of Malini Saba: An Incredible Journey Of Wealth And Success

I’ve witnessed the works of many women in business. I’m particularly fond of Malini Saba. She leads a successful career as a philanthropist, visionary entrepreneur, and investor. She’s recognized among top female counterparts throughout South Asia and globally. Her non-profit “Stree: Global Investments in Women” established back in 2001, strives to empower disenfranchised children and women. Queen Noor of Jordan and former U.S. President Bill Clinton played an instrumental role in the organization’s launch. The group focuses on legal empowerment and healthcare opportunities. Saba has represented over 20 different technology groups, including PayPal, Inc., Netscreen Technologies, Inc., Sycamore Networks, Inc. and more. In addition, she founded Saban, a global boutique investment group. Saba chairs the group, which has holdings in real estate, gas, oil, and technology. She’s also a donor of the El Camino Hospital, which launched the first global South Asian Heart Research Center in 2005. She’s pledged over $10 million in support of Tsunami relief programs to help devastated survivors of Sri Lanka and India.

As per Malini Saba official website, she spent her childhood years in Australia after relocating from Malaysia. Her parents are natives of Sri Lanka. She attended free lectures at Stanford University after relocating to the U.S. at age 19. At the time, her spouse attended the said institution. She attended free classes where she gained vast insight into business and venture capitalism. When she began investing, she focused primarily on South American and Asian commodity trading. Gas and oil generated lucrative returns. It’s amazing how Saba manages to balance her personal life and the hectic business world. In fact, she’s nurtured a close bond with her child and enjoys the duty of motherhood. She walks her daughter to school every morning before tending to the needs of the office. Saba analyzes and studies market trends to develop a strategic move on investment opportunities.

I admire her commitment to helping the needy, especially disadvantaged children and women. Saba is a donor to numerous organizations dedicated to giving women a voice. When she entered the commodity market in the 90s, she obtained holdings in 20 technology companies based in Silicon Valley. Initially, Saba invested in commodities, telecommunications and real estate. Although Saba has become a prominent Asian investor, I’m fond of her devotion to living life normally. With all her success and wealth, she’s passionate about caring for the needy, empowering fellow women and educating children. Her journey to success had its share of misfortune, but this did not discourage her ambitions. It actually inspired her vision to start her own investment banking group, Saban. With varied investment options, even low-income investors can create wealth. Saba herself has endured similar trials and she’s overcome the toughest financial struggles. Now, she’s a wealthy, accomplished businesswoman and philanthropist.

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Sanjay Shah and his Foundation August 23, 2016

Individuals who are currently residing in London and are looking for an expert to handle their finances for the future, Sanjay Shah of Solo Capital is the best investment firm to use not only for the expert financial advice that is tailored to each and every customer, but also for the dedication that Sanjay Shah Denmark and his team constantly show for the job that they are truly dedicated to. Sanjay Shah understands that individuals after the 2008 financial crisis are hesitant to rely in others for investment. With this in mind, Mr. Shah is truly dedicated to finding the perfect investment opportunity that will leader to a great rate of return. Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital specifically targets medium to small businesses to ensure that a partnership and even a friendship is made during the consultant process.


Sanjay Shah is many things including a philanthropist as well as a father who has an autistic son that he cares dearly for. As the father of an autistic child, Mr. Shah has felt as though it is his duty to fully acclimate his son to any social setting. Mr. Shah has always been close with his family and has done all that he can to learn more about autism and how an individual’s brain processes information with autism. Despite the fact that autism is a common diagnosis especially among boys, there is still little research that has been done regarding the thought process.


With this in mind, Mr. Shah and his family were encouraged to create a foundation that is dedicated to research autism. As this development disorder affects communication skills, Mr. Shah especially wants to know the best way that he can effectively communicate with his son. The further the research goes, the more he can learn about how to communicate with his son in a more effective manner.


Sanjay Shah is a parent who understands that a child with autism can take its toll on any family with the extra medical bills that are required as well as the extra care that is necessary for the child. Autism Rocks, though a new foundation, is a foundation that has already raised millions of dollars for further research. As an influential individual, Mr. Shah has also invited international performers to not only perform, but to also encourage donations to help research autism for the benefit of not only the parents, but also the educators.

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