Thor Halvorssen Comes From A Long Line Of Troublemakers… The Good Kind December 7, 2016

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. The man is famous for targeting unilateral dictators around the world with his activism. The 39-year-old is quickly emerging as the world’s leading advocate for human rights. He knows how to make human rights attractive to a large audience through the use of social media and pop culture.

You may know him from his open letter to Nikki Minaj. The open letter attempted to dissuade the popstar from performing a private concert for the dictator of Angola. As it turns out, the dictator of Angola is guilty of human rights abuses and of stealing from his own country.

The human rights activist hasn’t always been on the world stage. He was born in Venezuela but speaks perfect accent-less English. His father was a diplomat from Norway helping the Venezuelan government investigate and prosecute the Medellin cartel. His father was arrested during the investigation while Thor was a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania.

His father was held captive for 74 days in a Caracas prison. He was beaten and tortured during his captivity under the socialist dictator of Venezuela. It was a traumatic time for Thor Halvorssen, but he didn’t despair. Rather, he sprung into action in order to free his father with the help of international human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International. With their help, Thor was able to successfully free his father.

Thor’s mother, a British national from Venezuela, was also a political troublemaker. Her passion about Venezuela and politics drove her to a protest in New York City. The protest concerned the 2004 Venezuelan recall referendum. Venezuelan security forces opened fire on the crowd. Thor’s mother was among the 12 wounded by the barrage of bullets. One woman was left dead.

Thor Halvorssen wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal about the protest and his own mother. Making the shooting public was essential in the capture of the Venezuelan security forces responsible for the shooting. Unfortunately, the forces were only sentenced to three years in prison.

Thor’s own parents were political disruptors and suffered for what they believed in. It is clear that Thor is prepared to do the same. And this should come as scary news to any unilateral dictator around the world. You can knock the Halvorssen family down, but you can’t knock them out. It shows in the human rights activist’s tenacious actions.

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Talk Fusion: The Life Of The Future December 3, 2016

Everywhere people turn, they see that things are changing and times are changing for the better. They are especially changing in the IT world. When it comes to technology, people have more options and things are easier than ever before, which is another wonderful thing. For a lot of people, they now work from home. It used to be that only a select few people worked from home, and now it is not uncommon for more and more people to work from home and make a living that way. It is a better choice for a lot of people, especially if they have family they wish to be closer to and spend more time with on a daily basis.


This is made possible thanks to Talk Fusion, which is a video communications product that offers services such as video chat, video email, video conferences, and video newsletters. All of these are ways for someone to spread the word about their business. Someone might have the best business in the world or a great idea, but if no one knows about it, it is hard for people to notice it, invest in it, and buy it. They need to be made aware of it as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when it comes to these things. There might be somebody out there that has a similar idea and the last thing this person wants is for someone to steal their idea for them.


Because of all of their advancements and all of the solutions they have offered to people, Talk Fusion recently won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award thanks to the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is the second award from this company in 2016 alone. Chances are this will not be the last award from them. With the way they run things and they way they operate, they are going to be getting many awards from many companies.


This is the life of the future and it is the life that a lot of people are going to be living and enjoying to the fullest.

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Smart Lighting And The Revolutionary Start Up Company Gooee December 2, 2016

Smart lighting is a rather neat concept for a variety of reasons. It’s designed to help families, individuals, and businesses out. It’s multi-purposeful. Smart lighting makes day to day operations run a whole lot smoothly when it comes to keeping a business or a home lit. It stops people from having to get up and move around constantly just to flick a light switch. It also keeps places safe. Smart lighting can have lights switch on anytime someone enters a place. This is a deterrent for criminals when they see lights because they will assume someone is home. That is why Gooee is hitting the market.

Smart Lighting is very advanced. It’s different lights that serve a multitude of different functions. For example, smart lighting can assess the task that someone is working on and decide whether or not they will need more or less light. They can dim or get brighter and even change colors depending on the circumstances.

When it comes to the field of Smart Lighting, there is none quite like Gooee. Gooee is an IoT lighting ecosystem. They are a smart lighting startup and already they’ve hit the ground running. They have recently unveiled something revolutionary. It’s what they are calling the world’s smallest sensor for LED lighting. They are compromised of a team of experienced software and lighting specialists. They are always looking for creative solutions when it comes to smart lighting. The market for smart lighting has just taken off as more people become aware of the concept. It’s likely that Gooee, although a smart lighting startup, will see lots of success.

More information for Smart Lighting:

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The Impact of Kenneth Goodgame at True Value November 24, 2016

True Value company is a hardware cooperative which is wholly owned by the retailer. It’s American owned cooperative with many stores in America and over four thousand other retail outlets worldwide. Each member of True Value cooperative has full ownership of the store and does all the operations independently.

True Value, in this case, is the big umbrella that retailers operate under. The cooperative has a long history dating back in 1948, from then up to date the cooperative has maintained high standards in the market by offering professional services.

True Value has succeeded because of the commitment of its sales representatives, merchandisers, and the management team. Kenneth Goodgame is one of the people that has contributed to the growth and success of this cooperative.

According to Hard Ware Retailing, Kenneth Goodgame also followed the footsteps of those who came before him. Stores like ServiStar, Cotta and Company, and Coast to Coast company came together True Value. Wangler Ace Hardware is one of the retail outlets that operates under this giant cooperative.

Wangler Ace Hardware serves as a good example of a store that has stood the taste of time. The endcaps display at the store tells the story of many generations past. To pride in the long history of True Value Wangler Ace Hardware when celebrating their 100 years in business displayed old tools, ledger books, and guns that the store was selling many years ago.

About Kenneth Goodgame

This old True Value is where Kenneth Goodgame came in with a lot of vigor, experience, methodology and determination to serve. Kenneth Goodgame worked as a merchandiser at Ace hardware a position that did build up his skills in sales representative and merchandising. Goodgame’s objectives in business remained clear, smart business strategy, aligning financial oversight, merchandising and innovative marketing being his core pillars to achieve the goals in business.

Like any entrepreneur, Kenneth has always been looking forward to engaging the employees and assess their performance to ensure that quality is guaranteed to the customers whenever they come for the services. He has been in the cooperation long enough and he knows how to deal with both high and low seasons in business.

Many years of experience in merchandising in True Value has given him the opportunity to serve at a higher level. Ken who was the general merchandising manager at Ace hardware got promoted to Chief Merchandising Officer CMO and Senior Vice President SVP at True Value.

Kenneth Goodgame is not new in the management position and in doing merchandising. His innovative thinking and dedication helped the Ace hardware to rise higher levels. Ken’s post at True Value is one that has all the potential to take True Value to the next step in business without losing its taste, focus, mission, and vision.

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Haircare: Organic Ingredients vs Sulfates November 23, 2016

Can you imagine not having any hair? Would you shave you head for no apparent reason? A healthy head of hair signifies god health, vitality, and a sense of pride. Though a healthy head of hair signifies good health, it’s more so a “vanity thing” to the majority of the world’s population.

Have you ever read the back of your haircare packages? Did you know that many of the brands on the market include things that can actually can you to lose hair? If you are aware of the world that we live in you’d know that most things are made for profit and not health. It’s the sad truth, but many of the top brands across the board are looking out for self interest. There are dangerous compounds in most haircare products and these chemicals can leave you with a dry scalp, loss of moisture, hair breakage, and hair loss. Sulfates are perpetrators and they are loaded into these items. Yes, you can temporarily receive good results, but with long term use, these chemicals will destroy your long luscious locks. Fortunately there’s Chaz Dean. This celebrity stylist decided to create his very own brand of haircare products that comes from a natural source.

WEN Hair by Chaz was designed with the consumer in mind. There are numerous items to choose from and everyone of them are loaded with fruit/plant extracts, herbs, minerals, vitamins, oils, and juices. This organic source give the user much more positive benefits and are safe to use year-round. Dean Chaz has put a lot of time and research into (WEN) and the results are a testament to it’s success. WEN by Chaz is the brand of the present and future as it continues to set new trends in an ever changing industry of fads and demands. The products are available on QVC or Guthy-Renker online.

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Sam Tabar And Full Cycle Focus On Green Energy Solutions November 22, 2016

Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and attorney based in New York City. He is an alumnus of Columbia University where he attained his Bachelor of Arts degree. He is also a holder of Bachelor of Law degree from Columbia School of Law. Tabar is a fluent French and Japanese speaker in addition to being a native English speaker.

Mr. Tabar’s career in Law began in 2001 when he signed with Meagher & Flom law firm. He worked for a couple more companies before shifting focus to the financial advisory by joining Sparx Group as a financial advisor. He later joined Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, where he served as the director and head of capital strategy within the Asia-Pacific region. Sam Tabar is currently serving as the chief operating officer of Full Cycle Energy Fund. He manages and develops strategies for the firm’s funds.

Full Cycle Shifts To Alternative Energy

In an effort to move to more environmentally friendly and costly fuel alternatives, Full Cycle has shifted focus to alternative energy options. To spearhead this transformation, the firm has appointed Sam Tabar as the new chief operating officer (COO). The company is definitely banking on Tabar’s unique experience in business strategies and a firm background in legal practice.

Sam has spent a huge part of his career perfecting his skills in business strategies within the Asian region. With the global warming challenges posed by polluting fossil fuels, Tabar and Full Cycle are determined to transform the industry.

The Mission of Full Cycle

Founded in the year 2013, Full Cycle Energy Fund was aimed at owning and financing projects that help to convert environmental problems into less expensive, clean, and environmentally friendly solutions. The overall goal of the Fund is to design eco-friendly and cost effective energy solutions that supply the needed power to the communities around the globe. The company has invested heavily in electricity generating power plants fueled by the municipal solid wastes. The existing power plants are also retrofitted to accommodate the new technology.

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Hedge Fund Expert Keith Mann On The Keys To Success November 7, 2016

Dynamic Search Partners co-founder Keith Mann has been involved in alternative investments, hedge funds and executive search services for over 15 years. The company has filled over 2,000 client mandates since it was founded in 2001. They have also expanded their services from simply staffing investment positions for major equity firms to compiling databases of investment executives that’s among the country’s largest and most respected. Mann’s career began when he was hired as manager of Dynamic Associates’ alternative investments division. He rose to become the company’s vice president.


His years in the executive search industry have made Mann a hedge fund compensation expert. He also has vast experience in hiring strategy and staffing for firms involved in global financial services. In 2002 he recognized the growing need in the rapidly growing hedge fund industry was underserved and needed specialized executive search services. He decided to expand the practice in 2006 to serve the private equity industry. Then in 2009 Mann created Dynamics Search Partners. The company is dedicated to exclusively serving alternate investment firm and is now among the industry’s best executive search firms.


As the company’s CEO Keith Mann handles the firm’s day-to-day management. This includes helping clients find and hire marketing, investment and internal strategy professionals to meet the needs of existing teams and in building new platforms. The company fills more than 200 client mandates annually for clients in Asia, Europe and the United States. It requires him to remain focused on meeting the needs of his clients constantly. His background, training and experience make him perfectly suited for the job. Plus knowing he is ultimately responsible for the company’s success keeps him motivated and excited about his work.


To meet the needs of his clients Mann gathers data, embraces new ideas and incorporates new technology. His ultimate goal is to provide the best candidate to fill the positions for his clients. He credits his daily exercise program for giving him the energy and creativity to handle the job more efficiently. Being willing to learn from the people around him also helps to create the success he enjoys.

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The Time It Takes To Fix The Hair November 4, 2016

Women often take a lot of time to fix their hair. For one thing, they have to put in a lot of different formulas in their hair. Often times, it takes a lot of time for them to get themselves ready. Then to make things worse, they don’t always work the way that women want them to. One of the common phenomena is bad hair days. One of the reasons that women have bad hair days or are left with inconsistent hair. This is in fact one of the most frustrating things to deal with for a woman because they want a certain look.

Fortunately, there are a few products that could make it easier for the person to style her hair. One product is Wen hair by Chaz. Wen is one of the products that is very revolutionary when it comes to providing hair care for the individual. For one thing, it has a lot of natural ingredients and nutrients that will restore the hair to an earlier state. Therefore, people will be able to enjoy greater looking hair. For one thing, it is going to get the hair under control.

One good thing about Wen is that it is available at many different stores like QVC. One can also order it online ( so that they could get the product delivered to their doorsteps. Then they can enjoy all of the ingredients that come with the product. They will notice right away that their hair is going to be in much better condition. Another thing is that they will also find that they could do different things with their hair. They will enjoy their new look. They will also have a new shred of confidence about them so that they will be able to get through the day with a positive mindset. Visit the brand’s Wikipedia page to learn more.


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Adam Milstein is the 39th Most Influential Jew November 3, 2016

Adam Milstein has been named as one of the top 50 most influential Jews in the world. The list was published on Jerusalem Post’s platform and includes other famous people like Benjamin Netanyahu and Ivanka Trump. The list considers Jewish people who have made great impacts on various sectors such as entertainment, business, politics and technology. For most Jewish people, being on the list is one of the best things that can happen in their lives.

Adam Milstein was the 39th most influential person in the Jewish community worldwide. He managed to secure a spot because of his leadership’s as the co-founder and the chairman of Israeli-American Council. He was also recognized for his works as a philanthropist and an activist. Milstein expressed his delight on receiving the award and vowed to continue serving the Jewish community in the United States and other parts of the world.

More About Adam Milstein

There is more about Adam Milstein when it comes to philanthropy and business. He runs one of the largest real estate companies that have several properties across the country. His company, Hager Pacific Properties has been in the real estate limelight for decades. The firm specializes in developing, management and lease of properties. Despite various challenges in the market, Adam Milstein has emerged as one of the top real estate developers.

Milstein is well known for his relentless efforts in fighting for the Jewish rights worldwide. Through IAC, he has managed to bring the Jews in the United States together. He is also a philanthropist who has a soft spot for those who are disadvantaged in the society, especially the Jews. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

He formed the Adam Milstein Foundation in 2000 to support various students and connect young professionals with the Israeli government. His organization organizes seminars meant to enhance the Jewish culture and ignite their pride. In 2016, he was named as one of the most influential Twitter activists in the country.

Adam Milstein continues to provide a strong foundation for the Jewish community in the United States. He is not afraid to condemn those who undermine the minority communities. He lives with his wife and two children in Encino, California.

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The Highest of Ratings November 2, 2016

Securus Technologies, a leading producer of technological communication solutions, has recently been accredited an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau within Texas. This accreditation means that not only is Securus technologies being recognized as a mainstay information technology company, but that they stand by their products and customers, proving the best possible services and products possible. The Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, recently made a comment that the company has been working alongside the Better Business Bureau for a period of time, learning how to increase their abilities to directly involve customers in business relations. The concept seems to have met with a positive impact.


Securus Technologies is most noted as an information technology company that focuses on a very precise niche of customers. Securus provides communication and security solutions to the United States penal system, which not only includes those working for the justice system, but for those currently incarcerated by it. Inmates living within prison are often times an ignored consumer within the United States, an idea that Securus takes seriously and has decided to embrace. Securus provides these unique customers with the ability to openly communicate with their friends and family members through virtual means, bypassing the time consuming process of normal visitation periods. Securus does this by providing a free mobile applications for customers, which allows the to communicate with their loved ones through seamless streaming of video chat. This application has cured many headaches and has made keeping in touch so much easier for these individuals.


Accreditation of an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau further labels Securus technologies as a reliable and customer driven corporation, an idea that more companies in today’s world need to consider when delving deeper into the business market.


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