Being in business can be a very intimidating and laborious process, but over the years that has not deterred Rona Borre. In 2001 she quit a high paying job with a large staffing company where she was the top salesperson and decided to start her own company in the same field. came about by Borre spending time in the spare bedroom of her Chicago condo to get things going, and today she is located on West Adams in downtown Chicago and is billing millions in fees annually. Peek on this site.


Borre led all production as an account executive in her former company, so she has lots of advice to pass on to her account executives that she hires to work with her. The company specializes in the hiring of financial and technological professionals who are instrumental when a growing company wishes to reach the next level.


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Borre and her people work very hard to effectively screen candidates, so they not only match what the hiring company desires but that they also will fit into the corporate culture that exists in the company for which they will be working. This last feature can mean all the difference in the world, no matter how will the candidate is qualified.


The results speak the loudest, as the statistics speak for themselves. Borre has the interviews to hire ratio down to a 3 to 1 comparison, and only 1 percent of the people that are hired ever leave the company. Go here on for more news.


UKV PLC is an online portal offering a wide variety of wines to the wine connoisseurs across the United Kingdom and Europe. The company offers low priced as well as investment grade wines, and have a huge collection from which the wine lovers can choose from with ease.

The site of UKV PLC is pleasantly designed to showcase its extensive collection of wine and has an easy checkout process that makes buying wines online a seamless process. The customer service of the company is also quick and attentive to ensure that the customers have a smooth wine buying experience at UKV PLC always.

UKV PLC sources its wine from some of the best vineyards of Spain, Italy and France, and other parts of Europe to offer some of the most exquisite wines available in the world. These days, many of the wine lovers even collect wines for a future trade or as an investment. It is the specialty of UKV PLC and has a broad range of investment-grade wines on offer. If you are curious about any particular wine label provided by the company, you can even choose to consult with the UKV PLC’s wine consultants.

The wine experts of the company have years of experience in the wine business and can explain to the customers exactly what the wine is about, how it tastes, where it is sourced from, and any other historical background information about the wine the customer may want to know about. The customers can consult with the wine experts of the company online, over the phone or can even visit their office at Croydon, Surrey.

Some of the most popular wine types available at UKV PLC are Burgundy, Champagne, Italian, Spanish, and Bordeaux. The company offers swift delivery of all the orders and has a massive stockpile of regular as well as investment grade wines.

EOS Lip Balm is probably known for their wide array of unique lip balms that come in an assortment of top quality flavors and their beautiful sphere-shaped lip balm. They have been such a huge success over the years, and its incredible what their marketing strategy has been to accomplish all their success. EOS lip balm has utilized some of the best in the industry to help get them the success they accomplished. It all started when they had to do research on what they were capable of. It’s amazing what this company has accomplished over the years in terms of service and what they offer their users.

According to Fast Company, their product packaging and design of their main item is what helped them succeed. With a bit of work, they were able to create a unique selling angle point for providing people with a top quality Chapstick that actually provided quality ingredients for the lips. After taking time to craft the product, they tried to sell it in stores but nobody was interested in the product. It took them forever to know what was up. They couldn’t break over to the guys who were deciding if EOs was a good fit or not. They found out that men who made the deciding factor just didn’t want to make a change to an already general product idea.

When one woman saw the potential, she brought the product to Walgreens. The company then decided to stop working with a third party company to create and manufacture the items. They eventually decided that they needed to do some online marketing with social media people on Facebook in order to flourish. They did so with the help of beauty bloggers who got the word out on how great this product was. EOS Lip Balm is definitely a brand to watch out ( for everywhere.

Nexbank was founded in 1922 but became fully established in 1934 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has been chartered and regulated under the state and federal jurisdiction for deposit taking from citizens and provision loans to individuals, groups and corporate at an interest. Nexbank is the 14TH largest in the state of Texas and 215th Worldwide with over $4.6 billion in assets and 88 permanent employees in 4 locations as of the year ended December 31st, 2016. It provides financial and banking services and products such as commercial banking, mortgage plans and institutional services. This is to support businesses with more funds; scale and expertise to connect clients with high end asset with affordable repayments and to tailor make financial solution for diverse institutional needs respectively

From the last posting of the Bank statement it’s clear that the bank is stable and liquid a key indicator to imply that the bank has smooth operations and maintains a reserve for an unanticipated disintermediation. Nexbank has $4.63 billion valued assets, deposits of $3.23 billion, an equity capital base of 343.2 million, loans advanced of $2.82 billion, a loan Loss allowance of $17.9 million and real estate owned by the same of $ 901 in value. This explains why there was a successful oversubscription of its senior unsecured note that raised $150 million of the total issuance which was an excess of $80 million from the initial offer.

Nexbank’s mortgage plans are quite attractive investment opportunities they extend to their clients whom they partner with especially towards home ownership. They offer personalized services to suit your needs with flexible down payment, monthly rates and lower interest rates. Besides they offer advisory service; mortgage calculators to client on the best mortgage plan based on financial status and evaluate the possible options available.

Being prominent in the world of business is no easy thing to do. Attaining success is hard and challenging but Marc Spark has done just that. He has created a career that has led to many opportunities for him and has allowed for him to help others along the way.


His career has allowed for him to help others who are entering the business world. Through the success of his businesses was able to help fund other businesses start. As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks invests in other business who are just starting up and through his investments he has also achieved more success. Beyond his investments, he has also created a book with the intent of helping people have success in the business world. His book “They Can’t Eat You” is full of motivational tips and words of advice for people are hoping to achieve the level of success that Marc Sparks has achieved.


Discussing his success and spreading his knowledge to others is not the only way that Marc Sparks is hoping to help other people. He is also very involved in many organizations and volunteer programs that are aimed to give back to the community and those who need help. Through Habitat Through Humanity, Marc Sparks has helped to build homes for people and families that are in need for places to live. He volunteers time at local homeless shelters and has donated money to a program that helps students reach their goal of achieving their high school diploma. Marc Sparks has helped his local communities and beyond by donating his time and hard earned money to help create better opportunities for others.


Marc Sparks has had a career full of success and accomplishments. Through his hard work and dedication, he has been able to lend a hand to others who are in need. Whether he has helped others through his words or through his volunteer efforts, Marc Sparks has helped many people along the way.


Securus Technologies scooped the Gold Stevie® Award during this year’s Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. The technology firm won the award in the category of Best Customer Services Training Department. The awards ceremony took place on February 24, 2017, at a banquet at Caesars held Palace in Las Vegas. Over 650 executives from across the globe attended the awarding ceremony.


How it went down


This year’s Awards featured nearly all organizations from around the world, regardless of size or industry. More than 2,300 nominations competed for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Awards in more than a hundred categories. The categories were divided into two. The first division comprised of all customer service and contact center achievements while the second division consisted of sales and business development achievements. Under the first category, the awards included Award for Innovation in Customer Service and Contact Center of The Year. Under the second division, the awards included Senior Sales Executive of the Year. A panel of 77 independent judges, which comprised of a collection of professionals from all over the world, determined the awards finalists from the initial list of 2,300. The winners were then voted from the list of finalists by several judging committees.


Words from the Senior Vice President


In his acceptance speech, Securus Technologies’ senior VP of operations, Danny de Hoyos, said that the awards came at a time when the company is making huge strides in improving its customer service. On behalf of his colleagues at Securus, he expressed his gratitude to the awards organizers and the independent judges for according them the honor.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a technology firm that specializes in developing technological products for use in the U.S. correctional facilities. Currently, the company provides technology solutions to about 3,450 facilities, which serve more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. Securus Technologies operates out of its main offices in Dallas, Texas.

For a lot of people, life is very complicated. There are a lot of issues that they have to work through. A lot of these issues clash with each other. As a result, a lot of people don’t know where to begin. They are also overwhelmed. Some people just wind up having a breakdown trying to figure everything out. The fact of the matter is that they are going to have to remove some of the extra stuff from their lives. According Susan McGalla, a successful business woman, simplicity is one of the best ways to succeed. This takes away the image of a successful business being a very complicated deal.

In order to simplify life, one has to take the time to look at his life in order to find out what it is he can do to streamline his life. There are some activities that he can remove from his life. However, it may not necessarily be that he has to remove some stuff from his life. It could be that he has to be organized in how he handles everything. This is where prioritizing comes in play. One has to be able to determine what aspect of his life is the most important to take on.

Another thing that Susan McGalla says to avoid is chaotic mornings. Chaotic mornings could be caused by complicated lifestyles. One thing that is a common result of the chaotic morning is that it can throw the whole day off. This is so true how chaotic mornings can throw someone off for the whole day. It interferes with productivity. This is why it is important for one to be able to take care of everything he needs to take care of for the day and not put anything off for the next day. Check

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Susan McGalla has made sure to simplify her life because she has experienced some of the issues that could result from having everything off balance. It was when everything was balanced out that she was able to do the type of work she needed in the most effective manner. Susan McGalla is someone that works with a lot of wisdom and it shows in her career. She has worked and held leadership in male dominated offices. One of the reasons that she is highly respected as a female is that she does not look at things from the standpoint of male and female.  More to read on

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Clay B. Seigall, PhD is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics which is based in Bothell, Washington. Seigall also maintains a blog where he shares recent scientific developments and stories. One of the stories that he recently shared how a city in Texas is leading the country on renewable energy. The city of Georgetown, Texas has a goal of having renewable energy supply 100% of the city’s power.

Seigall has spent his career developing drugs to cure cancer. Of particular interest to him was a recent study that he shared on his blog that shows that eating soy can help breast cancer survivors. The study showed that soy-based products have a lot of health benefits. There had been ongoing concerns that soy contained estrogen-like compounds that could lead to the development of breast cancer or lead to recurrence of the disease. This latest research shows that this is not the case and that soy is not only safe to eat for women who have suffered breast cancer but that its health benefits leads to a 21% reduction in mortality rates among breast cancer survivors.

Clay Seigall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 and serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Board. Seigall is behind the company’s focus on research involving developing antibody-drug conjugates to treat cancer. The first product that the company has to reach FDA approval was ADCETRIS which is now used throughout the world. Seattle Genetics has additional drugs in the pipeline which will hopefully lead to life-saving cancer drugs being made available. Among the eight drugs that show promise are SGN-CD33A which is meant to treat leukemia, SGN-LIV1A as a cure for breast cancer, and SEA-CD40 which could stimulate the immune system of a patient to fight off cancer.

Before founding Seattle Genetics Clay Siegall served in a variety of capacities within the medical research community including six years with Bristol-Myers Squibb Research Institute working in research and development. He has won a number of awards in his career including the 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and the 2013 Alumnus of the Year given by his alma mater the University of Maryland.


EOS lip balm seemingly emerged out of nowhere to become the premier seller of lip balm in the United States. Of course, the emergence of the brand was more involve that that and involved a significant amount of planning and understanding of the market.

EOS was co-founded by industry stalwarts who had extensive experience in several major manufacturing companies including Pepsi and Unilever. They were used to developing detailed understandings of the markets which the served and in developing products that fit the needs of their customers. Instead, what they saw in the lip balm market was an industry that was underserved by their competition. As an example, the products that were sold on Amazon by the brands they would soon be competing against were very similar to the products sold a century earlier. Lip balm wasn’t being modified to meet the needs of modern consumers and had artificial and manufactured tastes; very contrary to the all-natural and organic trends that were emerging.

EOS lip balm decided to build their brand from the ground up and created an all-natural and organic lip balm that was sourced with high quality ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil. Vitamin E and C was added to create a superior level of protection for your lips, and the brand created some unique and interesting flavors such as Vanilla Mint and Blackberry Nectar which didn’t exist before but had a varied flavor that did not taste fake or like medicine. EOS packaged their lip balms in unique applicator cases that were shaped like small eggs, but had unique hands free applications that were clean and sanitary.

Customers flocked to this new brand, and, in particular, women, who were the inspiration for the design of the EOS lip balms. In doing so, EOS was able to outperform the stagnate bellwethers such as Chapstick in the skin care industry and provide a new and wonderful product that customers adored.


Do you want to take your finances to a new level? Investing is the best way to accomplish that goal. According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar is a professional financial advisor who has done a lot of good in the world. A lot of people look up to the success that he has had in a variety of areas. There are many people excited about the work that he is doing in this area.

Not only can he help you get to the next level, but he can also work with you to accomplish other goals. He has a track record of success in helping customers in a variety of ways. Not only does he have the experience that you need, but he also has the technology that you can leverage to get to the next level.

Brian Bonar

From the time he was young, Brian has always been about helping other people in life. He found that a huge percentage of people have a big need in their finances. If you can get your finances in order, your life will be much better for it. Brian has always worked to help people accomplish their goals in this area.

Not only that, but he is the type of person who is trying to work to get to the next level in his business. With the recent investments of time and money that he has made, he has helped more people than ever before.

Stock Picking

When many people think of investing, all they think about is stock picking for short term results. However, this is not the same thing. Over time, you need to make sure you have a plan in place to take your finances to a new level.

Not only that, but you need to invest for all of the right reasons. This can include advancing your finances to the level where you can buy a house or retire.

Whatever it is, stock picking is not the way to accomplish this goal. It is much better to buy an index fund of the overall market and develop an investing plan based off of that. That is what a lot of people working with Brian Bonar have done with great success over the years.

Final Thoughts

If you want to accomplish your goals in life, working with a mentor is a great start. A lot of people want to take their goals and financial dreams to a new level.

Working with Brian Bonar is a great way to accomplish these goals in life. Not only can he help you develop a plan in the beginning, but he can also work to make a lot of things happen over the long term in your life.