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The Difference of Waiakea Water October 17, 2016

Waiakea Water has redefined sustainable, making individuals wonder if this bottled water could actually be worth it. Many consumers have turned their back the bottled water industry, which they have been applauded for since it has been shown that plastic bottles have created excess pollution and waste. Also, it has often been shown that their contents consist of filtered city water, as opposed to the natural water that companies claim it is. While in most cases it is not worth getting bottled water, there is something different about Waiakea Water as it may be the exception to these rules. This is because unlike other companies, Waiakea water comes from a pure and natural alkaline source, and is packaged with eco-conscious materials. In addition, the company has a global philosophy. Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea, made the decision in 2012 to launch bottled Hawaiian volcanic water. He made his decision for Waiakea Water while visiting his family in Hawaii during the winters and summers, realizing there was something special about the water.

The source of the water was simply from a single and pristine source from southwest of Hilo within the Big Island of Hawaii. Being filtered through thousands of feet through the Mauna Loa Volcano, the water is boasted with pH and a unique mineral composition. The water is rich with electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium, almost an ideal amount of silica, which lends a silky and soft mouthful of the water. The pH in the water ranges between 7.8 and 8.8 which makes it naturally alkaline, with purified or pure water the neutral pH level is 7. While artificially alkaline water does exist, Emmons has explained that drinking this type of water, the body thinks that more alkaline minerals are being received then what is present in the water. And it’s not just the water itself that makes Waiakea Water Unique, as the company has also boosted sustainable packaging. The packaging has been made with a high-grade, with 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate, this uses at least 85 percent less energy for manufacturing then virgin or regular plastic bottles. The manufacturing process of the bottles has also reduced the carbon emissions by more than 90 percent in comparison to traditional bottles, and the plastic is also BPA-free. Emmon said from the start of the company that he wanted to include a social element, in efforts to do this Waiakea water has partnered with pump aid. Pump Aid is a charity that is dedicated to direct-to-community implementation for an appropriate clean water supply, that has donated 650 liters of clean water for disadvantaged communities through rural Africa.

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How Small Businesses Can Built Positive Reputation

With the rising competition in the online business world, small businesses are facing challenging times trying to survive let alone remain relevant. Most of them have tried to invest highly in marketing but there seems no positive feedback from the market. However, this is not to mean the small businesses cannot survive in the highly contested market.

All they need to do is work on their reputation to make customers understand why they deserve to be categorized among leading companies. Online management effort is one of the easiest ways small businesses can ensure their effect is felt across different platforms. Bad mentions, even if once, could render any marketing efforts futile.


Before entering into the competitive market, a business needs to seek publicity and create an image that differentiates them from the rest. Self promotion methods like web advertising are among best methods the business can use to emerge successful online.

There are many tools that a business can use to market their presence online and ensure they remain relevant. Writing high-quality content is also a method that small businesses can use when promoting themselves online and this is for long term benefits.

Embrace directory listings

The Vanguard explains that most buyers before using a site first go to directory listings to check whether the website is authentic and registered. Having your business featured in one of the leading listings could boost its reputation since this will make customers to believe they are dealing with reliable sellers. Everyone fears getting scammed so performing due diligence is part of the modern online shopper.

Encourage reviews

Many businesses don’t want to do reviews simply because they feel some negative information could be posted about them. However, this is not advisable since the feedback shared by customers should act like pillars to strengthen your business.

Successful businesses pick the information shared and analyze the problem then they improve their system based on the complaints shared by customers. This strategy works in most cases, so you should allow a page where customers can post their reviews showing how they felt contacting your business.

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Doe Deere Breaks Into The Old Boy’s Club October 13, 2016

Being a woman in business has never been an easy task. While this task is perhaps easier to accomplish in today’s society, it is also not all that easy even today. Many women know they have to aim high. Someone who has break the ceiling is makeup business woman Doe Deere. She has worked hard to get her company, Lime Crime, off the ground and show others that being a woman in a man’s field can still mean success in life. With her vision firmly in front of her, she has pushed hard to help show that starting a business need not be something that only men can do in life. She has shown that being a business woman means that she can be part of a world where being a woman need not be a disadvantage. With her skills and insights, she has helped her world get off the ground and launched a site that brings people together to get access to high quality makeup products.

Starting With An Idea

Her own vision began with a small idea of her own. She began with a small site that she called Lime Crime. Lime Crime was her first business venture and her most successful. Since starting Lime Crime, she has seen it take off and become something special. Her own specially made cosmetics are now sold not only via the site but also in major stores all over the country as well, allowing her to develop a fan base that wants her to succeed. She began with the concept of taking ordinary makeup and creating makeup that would be about specific bursts of color. She then decided that she could work hard to create a site where her clients would be able to follow her as turned out the makeup she had promised. Such is the idea of Lime Crime. Here, fans can tune in to her unique vision and learn what makes it unique. Unlike so other makeup sites, here the fan is king. The fans are the ones who have helped her show why being a woman in a man’s field is actually an advantage in many ways. With their help, she has proceeded to make the company into something much larger.

Expanding Her Company

Not content to merely see her Lime Crime business grow slowly, Deere decided that she needed to seek out new markets. She then worked hard to find new ways to market her products including in stores. Deere knows the key to her success remains her unyielding devotion to hard work. She is always on the lookout for new companies and spaces where she might provide makeup. As an entrepreneur she is also always on the lookout for new sources of funding. Being able to tap into such sources is one way that she has been able to keep on top of market trends in makeup and offer her fans new products and concepts they can’t find anywhere in stores or on the net.

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James Dondero Improving the Living Standards of the North Texas Community through Philanthropy October 6, 2016

James Dondero has been supporting organizations that work towards raising the living standards of people in Texas. Through Highland Capital Management, Dondero’s annual philanthropic budget was estimated to be over $3 million.

With the expanding budget, Highland Capital Management appointed Mary Jalonick to be the firm’s partner and to help them to manage their charitable programs effectively.

Ms. Jalonick is a senior manager in charge of The Dallas Foundation, an organization that works with experienced experts to manage non-profit organizations. The Dallas organization has an extensive experience helping non-profit organizations to empower the community of North Texas. Learn more about James Dandero:

For the time she has served the North Texas community, Mary Jalonick has developed solid relations with various charity organizations. After being appointed as a partner at HCM, Ms. Jalonick worked alongside HCM’s CEO to establish Highland Dallas Foundation.

The foundation was seen as the pinnacle of Mr. Dondero’s philanthropic efforts as it sought to enhance his support for organizations that worked to improve the health and education standards in Dallas. In addition to supporting health and education in Dallas, Mr. Dondero has also been supporting other organizations like The Bush Presidential Library and The Dallas Zoo.

Highland Dallas Foundation employs multi-year grants to help it in delivering effective community support. Mary Jalonick asserted that the multi-year grants were important in providing sustainable financial support to non-profit organizations. To ensure that its charitable programs and projects were sustainable, Highland Dallas Foundation hired Linda Owen to link the organization with various non-profit organizations working in North Texas.

According to Inside Monkey, James Dondero is a financial expert who resides in Dallas. Besides being known for his philanthropic interests, Mr. Dondero is also a renowned consultant who supplies investors with financial solutions on distressed investing, collateralized loan obligations, and other services that are crucial in setting up profitable investment portfolios.

Due to his experience in the financial market, Mr. Dondero has become a trusted financial analyst whose firm is associated with exceptional investment solutions.

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All You Need to Know About Sacred Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah is a very popular source of spiritual knowledge that has existed for many years. The Kabbalah teachings explain and also define the importance of some of the Jewish teachings. Some people believe that this culture has the answers to the mysterious happenings in life. Thanks to the Kabbalah teachings, human beings can understand their Creator, their purpose on earth and nature.
It is believed that the people who strictly follow the Kabbalah culture always experience powers and blessing compared to the individuals who do not. Some of these followers say that their culture protects them from any evil eyes. These followers put on special Kabbalah jewelry that represents spiritualism and the powers in they possess.
In the modern times, the Kabbalah jewelry has become very famous, thanks to their significance. Individuals who wear them experience a lot of positive energy. People from all over the world say that these ornaments have helped them overcome challenging situations of life. For instance, the Kabbalah rings have earned a special place in the hearts of many because of giving the wearer good health and prosperity. There are various encryptions on these rings, and they all have different meanings. The rings are made from earth metals. Some of them are believed to have precious metals such as gold and silver.

The red string bracelet is also from Kabbalah. The bracelets are commonly used with special pendants that increase their meaning and value. Most of these ornaments are worn to enhance prosperity and keep away evil from the wearers.

Kabbalah jewelry has special writings that are believed to increase the amount of power they signify. Some jewelry might have names for God, special Psalms, and prayers. The psalms and prayers are meant to protect the followers whenever tough situations face them. When an individual is purchasing their Kabbalah jewelry, it is crucial to ensure that these writings meet their needs.

The Kabbalah Center is a renowned center for the Kabbalah culture. The center is responsible for spreading the Kabbalah teachings to different people around the globe. Philip Berg started the center many years ago to ensure that the new generations acquire the important knowledge.

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Devco Facing Difficulties In The Repayment Of $20 Million Loan September 27, 2016

DEVCO is a private non-profit urban real estate development firm. It was founded in mid-1970’s. The company has acted as the catalyst for the city’s revitalization. The New York Times described it as a “powerful engine for economic growth.”

An article posted on Press of Atlantic City reported that in the month of January 2016, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority failed to pay a principal amount of $1 million and interest summing up to $20 million on a loan that they received from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA). The Middlesex County Improvement Authority had been in debt for the past five years.
The loan was made in 2005 to finance the construction of The Heldrich, a New Brunswick hotel and conference center. The New Brunswick is also the company modeling the Atlantic City Development Corp. Attorney Christopher Paladino heads the two firms. He was the one who arranged the $20 million loan. He said that the loan would be repaid in a few years.
The Heldrich was opened in 2007. Since then, it has faced an economic and financial struggle. The hotel has found it difficult to attract customers. It had an occupancy rate of 63.5 percent in 2015. The financial struggles of the hotel forced it to tap around $776,000 of its money to fund capital expenses.
The Atlantic County Improvement Authority was planning on issuing bonds worth $120 million in May. The bond was to be used in the construction of Stockton University satellite campus. Repayments of the bonds will come from boarding fees and sale of tax credits.
CRDA Executive Director, Mr. John Palmieri, said that reimbursement of the loan had not gone as planned. He acknowledges the fact that they made a risky loan, and there were tangible economic impacts that were measurable.


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Securus technologies latest software with voice search feature helps investigators September 21, 2016

A lot has been said about Securus Technologies lately, whose headlines tug on their progress and their growth in the communication sector. I find their development noteworthy especially with the latest software that helps investigators. Securus released the first software that lets investigators select a particular voice then search for that voice in other telephone calls.


Securus has been known to provide Safety Solutions to help law enforcements with their investigations. I feel strongly that this latest development with the Investigator Pro 4.0 makes them true to their word of providing safety solutions. The new software will give investigators an ability to select voice samples from the inmate and search for other calls where that voice may have occurred.


According to other new sources and links such as PRNewswire, their recent accreditation makes them a trustworthy technology source able to deliver accurate services. We can trust that this new software will help uncover high-interest and gang activities just by simply using the called parties voice. Apart from simply identifying one’s voice, the software can identify other inmates that may have called the same person. This searchable feature brings a new level of sophistication that should help investigators get ahead of criminals and stop activities before it happens.


I find this software a great development and of great benefit to investigators. Investigators can now follow the individual’s voice and know what other inmates are talking to the particular party. The searchable voice has also been combined with other features like voice identification and group tagging. This has resulted in a powerful kit to help identify criminal networks simply through telephone systems.


Securus Technologies remains a trustworthy public safety, correction and law enforcement agency. It has been connected to millions of inmates and helps in providing emergency response, public information, and investigations. Securus has been rapidly growing, and there is a lot to expect from this company in the near future.


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Don Ressler’s Success with E-fashion Commerce September 17, 2016

Don Ressler is the cofounder of Intelligent Beauty as well as the co-CEO responsible for its subsidiaries. He is a renowned and savvy businessman having managed various startups such as and Intelligent Beauty that have turned to become very successful. was Ressler’s first business venture that was later purchased in 2001 by Intermix Media. Thereafter, he teamed up with Adam Goldenberg who was the Intermix COO then to establish Alena Media. The firm’s performance advertising division and e-commerce were the only center of attraction that generated huge profits and revenue for the company. Later on in 2005, Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp and this marked the start of a great partnership and idea exploration for Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

Exploring New Opportunities

Having the skills to excel and succeed in the growing online performance field, Ressler and Goldenberg resolved to create a brand building enterprise on Huffington Post. This venture was successfully designed so that all the operations were executed autonomously. With brainstorming ideas from few former Alena team members, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler,Brand Ideas was officially launched. Brand Ideas later on transformed to the present popularly known Intelligent Beauty. DERMSTONE was the first brand building creation for Brand Ideas. This online based marketplace specialized in the supply of cosmetics and skincare products. Two years later, SENSA, a weight-loss system was launched by the firm. Both DERMSTONE and SENSA released high financial results as well as profits.

Formation of JustFab

In 2010, a third company was launched by Intelligent Beauty and the man behind its formation was Don Ressler. This online subscription e-commerce fashion retailer was named JustFab. Matrix partners contributed $33 million to JustFab with an aim to fund the enterprise. JustFab seeks to provide its customers with personalized fashion every month thus ensuring clients access latest styles and trends. New members are given a 50% discount on their first purchase. The items sold on by this enterprise range from denim to shoes, handbags and jewelry among others. These items are fairly priced and no shipping cost is charged.

About Fabletics

This firm was founded in 2012 with an aim to provide athletic wear for women in the market. Fabletics has struggled through the years to provide trendy casual wear and workout gears thus creating a favorable niche for itself. Last year, Fabletics managed to raise over $150 million that clearly indicated remarkable efforts of the firm. Fabletics Company under the direction of Ressler is soon planning to join the male market and this is a great move of success.

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Keith Mann Is Helping Out As Many People As Possible September 12, 2016

All of the good work that Keith Mann has done for college students has been well documented. His work with Uncommon Schools is out of this world. He has raised over $22 K for them to go to college, graduate, and do things they never in their wildest dreams thought were possible. He has given out scholarships. That is what kind of philanthropist that Keith Mann is. When someone decides they want to give back, they have to go all in with it. They can’t do it half way or rush through it. They have to go all the way and be completely devoted to it. That is Keith Mann. He truly cares about this and gives it his all, each and every single time he gets a chance.

Keith Mann, of course, is known as the founder of the New York company Dynamic Search Partners, and he did something that gained some positive reviews. It is no secret that times are tough with police and the public, There is a lot of arguing and a lot of back and forth. However, Keith Mann decided to treat them all to lunch and give back. He knows all of the hard work they do to protect New York City and keep its citizens safe. He is very appreciative of them and has a special place in his heart for them.

Keith Mann knows all about it, as he has an Uncle that is a detective in the Staten Island. This gesture shows that he is standing behind them and all of the hard work they do. They have a very difficult job. They are putting their lives on the line each and every day and it is a very dangerous job. It allows people like Keith Mann and others to live out their lives and feel safe.

While times might be tough right now, Keith Mann is hoping that people will start to realize all the good that police do and all of the sacrifices they make. There are great cops out there and if he can make things a little easier or make their day brighter by treating them to lunch, he will do it.

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WEN Cleansing Conditioner; the Ultimate Hair Conditioner September 1, 2016

Wen hair cleansing conditioner is a special formulation for people looking to enhance their hair’s appearance. WEN cleansing conditioner is simply the best solution that brings out the natural beauty in all types of hairs.
As initially reported in an article in, regular use of the cleansing conditioner will enhance your hair’s health making it shiny and with long lasting waves.

WEN cleansing conditioner is specially manufactured for both hair conditioning purposes and treatment. WEN brands have different formulations that work on all types of hair such as short hair, medium hair, and long hair.

Directions for Use

The instructions for use are printed on the back label of the product’s package.

It is recommended that you use 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium hair, and 24-32 pumps for long hair. The amounts may seem large to an untrained eye but is a perfect amount that has been expertly mixed for the bet results. The amounts are also recommended by our hair experts who are highly experienced in improving the quality of hair.

Massage the conditioner using your palms evenly onto your scalp and let it soak for a few minutes. Rinse it using water.
After washing your hair, blow dry it.

Results after regular use
To get the best results, it is recommended that you use the WEN Cleansing Conditioner regularly. The results will be noted after a week’s use.

After using the WEN shampoo on a weekly basis, your hair will form curls easily and your locks will be super soft giving you long lasting waves. This will give your hair a shiny, bouncy, healthy look with minimal hair strands falling.

WEN cleansing conditioner best works when you use it in the morning. For those who like showering at night, they may find that their hair is slightly oily. Need Wen hair? Order yours online on Guthy Renker or the Sephora website. You can also get it here: Be updated! Like the official Wen hair Facebook page.


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